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Personal Auto Insurance

The rates you want. The coverage you need.

On Guam, we all recognize the amount of time we spend in our vehicles. To keep you confident while in your car, GIS can ensure you quality protection and put you at ease while traveling the roads of Guam.

At GIS, we know auto insurance is an important choice we make to keep us and our families protected while we travel throughout the island. We want you to enjoy your car, help you save money and provide you with maximum customer satisfaction.


GIS Can Provide You with Discounts as Much as 65% Such As:

No Claim Discount

Discount in the event of no claim.

Multiple Car Discount

Discount if you insure more than one personal auto.

Multi-Policy Discount

Discount if you insure your personal auto with your home or business.

New Car Discount

Discount if your vehicle model was manufactured within two (2) years of the current year.

Safety Features Discount

Discount for vehicles with added safety features.

More Protection for You

Additional Coverages for More Protection include Medical Coverage, Loss of Use or rental reimbursement, Uninsured Motorist, and Personal Property theft coverage. If you are in need of a Personal Auto Insurance quote, please call us at 671-475-1162.

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